Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW)

From July 20th to August 7th 2009 the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women will meet in New York for its 44th Session.  Good Shepherd has a presence in the following countries being heard – Japan, Spain and Switzerland.  

If you click on this link                                                                       you can read the provisional agenda for the session together with the reports of the various countries.    You can see the dates and proposed countries for the 45th and 46th sessions (2010)  and the proposed countries for a future session by clicking on     

Argentina was named for the 44th session in July but now I read that it has been postponed.   Sr Monica Scavuzzo Osquiguil from Argentina had received her visa and planned to attend the session on behalf of Good Shepherd in New York.

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  1. Hedwig says:

    I was looking at your blog. And now I say: very well done!
    IF only I could do it too! Hedwig

    • winifredd says:

      Hedwig, Thanks for the comment. Yes you will be able to do the same. It only takes a little practice!
      I will send you the Newsletter ‘Stop Trafficking’ . It has a lot of interesting information in it. Write a little introduction, try posting it. making new categories and new tags and with the link. Good experience for you! We can review tomorrow evening.


    • winifredd says:

      Hedwig if you look at CEDAW at the comments you will notice 2 written after comment. Click on it and you will see what happens when you approve a comment. When approved then it is published. You don’t have to approve then. They can just stay in your work area.

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